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Electric Cigarette e-liquid e-juice Explained

ejuice eliquid for electric cigaretteWhat’s in the e-liquid that I inhale in an electric cigarette?

e-Liquid aka e-Juice or Smoke Juice is vaporized to supply the flavor and throat hit you encounter using an electric cigarette. The standard ingredient in all e-Liquid is Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and/or Propylene Glycol (PG).

Electric Cigarette VG/PG e-Liquid Identified

Propylene Glycol (PG) is easily the most commonly used base for eLiquid. It’s a class of alcohol popular in food coloring, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoos, soaps and conditioners. It has humectant properties, which would mean that it retains moisture.

Some individuals potentially be sensitive to PG. Signs and symptoms include stomach pains, sore throat and headaches. If you experience these symptoms, they could be an allergic reaction to PG or could possibly be tobacco withdrawal symptoms. Tobacco withdrawal symptoms will minimize inside of a week or two. PG allergies won’t.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is also effective as a base for eLiquid. It’s a compound that is derived from vegetable oil and is largely found in food, pharmaceuticals, moisturizers and soap. It also acts as a humectant to preserve moisture.

Men and women who are sensitive to PG, switch to VG. It’s a non-chemical occurring item with reduced potential side effects. You can locate USPS Vegetable Glycerin at your closest vitamin shop or pharmacy for DIY eLiquid.

VG is thicker than PG and produces a greater vapor. DIYers thin it by diluting it with distilled water or vodka.

Learn how to refill your own cartridges with e-liquid for your electric cigarette

If you invest in an ecig with a cartomizer, you may very well not know what type of eLiquid you’re inhaling. Manufacturers don’t usually include comprehensive material regarding the formula of their cartridges but times are changing. Increasingly , manufacturers are recognizing the benefits of partnering with a trustworthy eLiquid manufacturer and are starting to do so. If this important to you be sure to explore our list of reliable eLiquid suppliers.

The cheapest way to have some control over your eLiquid is to make it yourself or buy bulk from an American or UK company. DIY eLiquid is the lowest priced and most flexible approach but it calls for a little work.

eLiquid Flavors

Of course you intend your electric cigarette to taste similar to a traditional cigarette. eLiquid is readily available in tobacco and menthol flavors but contrary to tobacco cigarettes, many other flavors are also easily available. Majority of brands feature 2-4 tobacco flavored versions and some brands also have fruit, chocolate and coffee flavors. If you get an e-cig with a refillable cartridge, you can alter the flavor to your preference with a wide variety of flavored bulk or DIY eLiquid.

e-Liquid Throat Hit, Strong or Mild?

“Throat hit” is the term used to explain the actual feel of the vapor as you inhale it. Very much like a tobacco cigarette, some are strong and some are mild. If you’re accustom to a strong “hit” like in a Marlboro Red or Kool, choose with a higher nicotine eLiquid. I smoked Newport Lights and have found 11mg to be the closest to throat hit. A word of caution for newbies: most people have a tendency to vape a lot at in the beginning. If you utilize a high nicotine eLiquid and vape more than you would smoke a traditional cigarette, you can certainly experience nicotine overdose discomforts.

A safer way to increase the throat hit is to put a few drops of vodka to your DIY eLiquid.

eLiquid Vapor, Heavy or Light?

Beginning electric cigarette smokers believe that they need to reproduce a rich steady vapor similar to a tobacco cigarette. Personally, I put extra value in the throat hit and flavor. Of course, I want to see the vapor but I believe it’s more essential to taste and feel like a tobacco cigarette than appear to be like one. None-the-less, I still want to see vapor.

VG delivers more vapor than PG. It does have a tendency to lessen the flavor a little in favor of vapor but a couple of drops go along way.

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Electric Cigarette, Why You Should Use It To Quit Smoking

stop smoking aidsWhy should you use an electric cigarette?

To Save Cash! That is exactly why I began using them! I was sick and tired of paying $40 a week for a carton of the most inexpensive, crappiest cigarettes. Then I discovered tips about how to buy electric cigarettes cheaper than $8 a carton and I was convinced. I share how you can save $1000’s using an electric cigarette on my blog.

You know that you need to quit tobacco. You want to quit! 71% of smokers do.

Regretfully Professor Shu-Hong Zhu, from the University of California, claims a tiny 10% effectiveness for smokers who make an attempt to quit each year. Professor Zhu also reported that in California, smokers attempted an average of 12 to 14 times in advance of quitting once and for all; 12 if they utilized stop smoking products and 14 if they didn’t.

The majority of smokers deal with a lose-lose problem!

  • More and more restrictions
  • Yellow teeth, smelly clothes and bad breath
  • Requests from your spouse and kids to quit smoking
  • Respitory problems, shortness of breath and COPD
  • Heart disease, cancer and tumors caused by smoking
  • A lot of wasted money, $1500 or more every year up in smoke
  • No longer socially acceptable

Unfortunately you’re addicted!

  • You really like smoking
  • The oral fixation
  • The tactile feel
  • The taste
  • It calms your nerves
  • The nicotine buzz
  • The social aspect of your cigarette break

You also realize if you continue to keep smoking tobacco you’re squandering hard earned cash, disappointing friends and family and encouraging the hazard of deadly health difficulties.

Electric cigarettes can help reduce the difficult withdrawal symptoms that a lot of smokers worry about finally quitting tobacco cigarettes.

Withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Weight Gain
  • Irritability
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Changing long held habits

All your long held habits can be influenced with electric cigarettes. We discuss the pros and cons of purchasing electric cigarettes to give up smoking cigarettes on our blog. I’ll acknowledge they don’t succeed for everybody but they do accomplish the task for some. Even if they empower you to decrease your tobacco consumption, that is definitely a effective thing. Visit our blog and lean more about electric cigarette.